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These people are crooks, they are the most unprofessional people I ever encountered; they are thieves, they try to rob you in whichever way they can. Good advice, do not take your car to them, they will sabotage your car and tell you to fix it and pay more; they really did it to me, few months ago, when I went for oil change (remember, I do my mechanical work myself, If I take my car to a car shop, that's only for inspection or oil change), anyway to make long story short, these people, came up with some to do list which they quoted me over $800, I said no, all I need is oil change; I paid for my oil change and left; few months later I took my car to "an oil change only place" to get my oil changed; they told me that my oil plug was loose, and it was barely holding, fortunately there was no leak, and they also said that " whoever changed your oil last, has damaged your oil plug by forcing it into the oil pan"; now; I'm 100% sure that driver's auto repair did that, because I did not let them do some imaginary work and make me pay close to a $1000; for the record, I know enough about cars better than the best they have in that shop. Today, for the benefit of the doubt; I took my car for an inspection, they held me up at their shop for almost 2 hours; trying to find anything they could find to make me pay more, adding things to their imaginary to do list; again, they quoted me over $1600 and told me that the car has failed the inspection because of leak in my power steering pump, which is untrue; nothing in my car leaks; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out; my engine a 45000 miles engine is clean top to bottom; besides, I have a brand new driveway I wouldn't let oil mess it up, if there was any leak I would fix it in a heartbeat.

One other story, my wife drives a brand new car; she went for her first inspection; they quoted her $1200 for some imaginary work; again she went for an inspection only; what's wrong with these people at driver's, do they think everyone is *** and they can fool him/her and rob him/her like they did to unfortunately a lots of people.

Well, if you wonder why I took my cars to them, I live off of Gosling with in a walking distance, they are by far the closest to me than any other place, but I learned my lesson; I will not, absolutely not, take my cars to these crooks no matter what.

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Hempstead, Texas, United States #721640

To build on the oil change, I took our Lexus to the Cypress location in June and had them change the oil (upgraded to full synthetic at their recommendation). No problems, in and out.

Just yesterday, 9-24-13, went in for another oil change. They put the car on the rack and 45 minutes later came to me saying that the pan was leaking. Then it was the drain plug was stripped and they had the estimate for the parts and labor at 668.00 before they told me of the problem. Their explanation for the stripped threads was "it happens".

It was fine in June but somehow the threads were stripped between oil changes. There were no stains in our drive, no warning lights, no indication that we were losing oil. Darroll was very certain that "it happens" as if it were a recurring natural event. It just happens.

It would not have anything to do with a general service technician using an impact wrench to replace the drain plug and stripping the threads in June or anything like that. They showed me the plug and it was stripped badly and would not hold. I paid and left (they gave me the oil changed for free). I wrote a review on their website listing one star and checked but it did not show up.

I wrote another review that did not show up. But when I left the review with 5 stars it went directly to the collection of reviews on their website.

I also noted that all the reviews on the Driver's Auto Repair had 5 stars. If you want to post a review on their website, you might want to list it as 5 stars.

to cg #723593

their website and "corporate office" is ran by the owner's wife (Mrs. Darnell) so of course anything less than a 5 star rating will not show up. What would you expect?

Houston, Texas, United States #700461

I have the unfortunate privilege of saying that I am employed at drivers auto repair. I started on 8.14.2013, my father is an ASE double master technician as well as my brother.

I have been working in the industry of automotive since I was 13 at my father's shop. I left a nation wide somewhat reputable repair facility and wanted a change of pace so I came to drivers and what did I find?? In the 24 hours that I have been employed here, I see more bull being pitched to customers than at a dealer or pepboys. They do try to sell people things they don't need and if the customer has any kind of concern about their HUGE mark up on parts, they get confrontational with the customer.

They almost try to harass the customer into buying right there on the spot. If you get get quoted a repair with labor they even charge extra on the labor! What?! They charge the customer an additional half hour labor.

Dont believe me? Look up in alldata or Mitchell labor guide. What ever the book time is, they will charge an extra half hour so that the company makes an additional profit on top of their increased cost of parts. Just today a lady brought her vehicle in for an oil change and they tried to sell her brakes she didn't need.

She had 90% life left on her pads....why does she need brakes?! After confronting my "manager" about it, he told me that "it is what it is". Id rather be unemployed temporarily than to work for a company like that. I am honestly disgusted by what I have seen in the past 24 hours and I quit on the spot.

Please, do NOT take this lightly you are being ripped off big time. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!!

The Woodlands, Texas, United States #623734

Too bad, this shop keep sending DM to every house every week. My wife even want to bring the car in for the service.

Luckly has been stoped by her friend who has been ripped off before.

Don't be fooled by them. Those shops shall deserive to be closed.

Tyler, Texas, United States #589465

:? You do your own "mechanical" work, but not your own oil changes? rrrrright.





I make a long story short: I WILL NOT GO TO THIS PLACE AGIN.


I agree about this auto repair shop. Avoid at all cost.

We in for oil change and they came up with over $2000 in needed repairs. Wanted $550 for 8 spark plugs and wire and $240 to put them in. Bought the parts myself for $140 and put them in for free.



Agree. Just ask their competition down the road (Repair One) what they think of Driver's Auto Repair.

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