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I took my 1998 Chevy pickup truck in for an oil change. No big deal right???

Wrong. I dropped my car off, about an hour later I returned to find that my truck will not start. At this point the manager walked out and asked if the truck has always done that? My truck may be old but it has been very well maintained.

Any noise before hand I think I would have noticed. All the Truck did was whine which sounded like the starter, and I understand that starters go out, sometimes without notice. When I crawled under the Truck there was a Bolt MISSING out of the bottom of the starter so I called the manager out and asked him about it. He looked at me like I was *** ,just a few seconds later he comes walking out with a broke off starter bolt in his hand and asked if this belongs to me.

At this point he told me "I NEED TO LEAVE NOW AND GET MY PIECE OF *** TRUCK OFF OF HIS PROPERTY" needless to say I will be getting a Lawyer and taking them to court. I WILL BE POSTING THIS COMPLAINT ON EVERY WEBSITE ONLINE AND I SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME.


Review about: Drivers Auto Repair Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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